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Block 7 Programming Overview

Duration: 8 weeks
Strength Test: 1.1.1 PC + 1 Jerk
Conditioning Test: 2k row
Primary Lifts: Cleans (all positions, squat + power, lots of complexes), BS, Jerks
Secondary Lifts: SL squats/lunges, pull-ups
Periodization/Progression: BS 2x per wk, Jerks 2x per week, Cleans 2x per wk, pull-ups 2x per wk, SL/lunges 2x per wk

Block 6 built tolerance to weekly volumes and frequencies in the main lifts (squat, bench, and deadlift), and established rep maxes that required top end strength, coordination, and endurance. Block 7 will take those qualities and apply them to the higher velocity/power portions of the strength curve as we develop the power clean and jerk. Comfort with both movements will be reinforced with frequent practice of the movements during the week. Upper body pulling, single leg strength, and lots of time on the rower will round out the focus for the block. Oh, and also Squatober (2x a week as a part of class work, daily option to complete all the programmed back squatting).


Pumpkin Carving – Thursday, October 27th
Join us at the gym at 7:00 pm next Thursday for another Pumpkin Carving competition. The top 3 pumpkin carvers will receive prizes and 1st place gets their next month free. RSVP below and please bring your own pumpkin!

Pumpkin Carving Sign-Up


Cityside Cycles – Saturday, November 5th
It’s that time again! Grab your bike and some friends and join us for another adventure around Houston. We will aim to depart the gym at 11:15 am


Battle Cancer Challenge

DATE: November 12th


TEAMS: Teams of 4 (any mix)

CHALLENGE: 2.5 hrs – 5 x 10min workouts

Since we hosted a Battle Cancer Takeover last month, we get 1 free team of 4 and 15% off tickets to the event.

The first group of 4 who reach out to Coach Ryan at (832) 373-9830 will be entered as the Free Cityside team.

Enter a team

Buy a ticket – Discount code is CITYSIDE15 for 15% off


Stay Connected
In addition to our newsletter, there are other ways to get connected with everything that’s going on at Cityside. If you have any questions about any of the following please contact Coach Ryan at (832) 373-9830 or rbarker@citysidegym.com.


We hope you guys have a great week and look forward to seeing you at the gym.