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We are partnering up with Cityside member Larissa Perales and her company The Transformation Project for a Nutrition Challenge that runs from September 24th – November 4th.  Follow the links below for more details and your sign-up link.

What members get for $99:

*Non-members can join to get the challenge plus an unlimited 6 week membership for $199!

  • Personalized easy to follow meal templates based on their goals. 

  • 2 InBody analytic scans (we bring this to your gym and handle all weigh-in and outs)

  • Challenge recipe guides

  • Access to The Transformation App

  • Weekly Facebook live Q&As with the TPP Nutrition Coaches

  • Access to the TTP challenge private Facebook group for support, accountability and tips along the way.

  • Unlimited access to the challenge coaches

  • Opportunity to win $1,000 cash for the top Transformation and other prizes along the way!